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Earn great $$, Driverless

Convert your car to a self-driving, self-parking & Ridesharing car by 2021!

Self Driving

The self driving features enables the motorist to have the freedom to occupy their time as they wish without having to drive their vehicle

Self Parking I Parking Payments

The Self Parking features enables the driverless car to locate legal parking and feed the meter. SelfieParking provides municipalities a Universal Parking Repository which enables real time parking regulations and street occupancy permits to flow into the motorist’ vehicle. No more parking tickets!

Driverless Ridesharing

The Ridesharing feature enables your car to generate revenue and offset car ownership costs.

Driverless Maintenance Services

Autonomously, it directs your car to the car wash when it knows it needs cleaning, refuels when its low on fuel and directs itself to the service station for routine maintenance.

You’re connected to your vehicle

Through the mobile App users are will always be connected to their vehicles. System tracks your vehicle’ location, selects your parking preferences, view your Ridesharing income and many other features that will make your connected vehicle convenient and a much happier traveling experience.

Can you use this on your car?

Motorists who own a 2012 or newer vehicle who wish to convert their vehicle to be safer to operate, driverless, self parking and obtain income from participating in the Ridesharing program offering.

Want to know more?

Become a member of myRide Club.

Members also receive a 10% commission on referrals, updates, workshops, and much more.


Early bird bundle

One time payment

myRide Self Driving, Self Parking & Ridesharing car conversion kit.
Installation included.
$6.75 / day
Early bird bundle

24 months of payments

myRide Self Driving, Self Parking & Ridesharing car conversion kit.
Installation included.
$4.95 / day
Early bird bundle

36 months of payments

myRide Self Driving, Self Parking & Ridesharing car conversion kit.
Installation included.

About our mission

To Build a general purpose artificial intelligence brain platform that will enable the learning of specialty skills. This will provide convince and positive outcomes for the advancement of humanity.

About Us

We’re a a team of interactive learning development specialists developing ways to train artifical inteligence systems which create the potential to simple humans every day life.

Self Driving Philosophy

SelfieParking’ approach to building “LEVEL 5”, self-driving capability is to build a cloud based general purpose learning brain.


The brain is fed daily with fused data from NAO Humanoid Robots that have been placed one-on-one with students in the classroom and at home with their families.

Robots cloud

Additionally Perception system installed into motorist vehicles provides the cloud brain with the opportunity to observe driving habits on the road which helps develop driving skills.

Car cloud

Learning to drive is a specialized skill that is learned after acquiring general knowledge about the way the world works – similar to a child’s developmental years.

These years prepare the mind for learning specialty skills. To train a deep learning cloud brain, NAO Humanoid Robots are sent to Pre K-12th schools to learn general knowledge.

Children with noa

In this specialized foreign exchange program, 28 NAO are paired one-on-one with 600 students, immersed into the language and culture of 28 different schools in 15 different countries, acting as tutors.


Early bird bundle

One Time Payment

Get 18 days of One-on-One Tutoring with the NAO Humanoid Robots.

Online School

Learn how to build a Self Driving Vehicle.

Learn how to create the Cognitive digital brain, Self Driving Vehicle Software and how to Install myRide's Self-Driving, Self-Parking & Ridesharing vehicle conversion Kit with hands on training.

Purchase of the myRide Online School includes our car conversion kit.


Early bird bundle

One Time Payment

Get the Self-Driving vehicle course and myRide's vehicle conversion Kit.



  • Purchase myRide owner's club and kit
  • Digital Cloud Brain "trained"
  • Kits hardware / software created


  • Driver's vehicles receive kits
  • Driver earns income from MyRide's Riders
  • Digital Cloud Brain "trained"
  • Observing Drivers (Kit learns how to drive)


  • Superized Driving (Kit learns how to drive)
  • Seek Level 5 certifications
  • Parking information & Partner Services available in many cities
  • Driver no longer required to Drive their vehicle